This picture shows Charles Hazlewood and the Paraorchestra applauding Hannah Peel at the end of a performance of The Unfolding.

The Unfolding is a major new work by Northern Irish artist, composer, producer and broadcaster Hannah Peel, commissioned by and performed with Paraorchestra, conducted by Charles Hazlewood.

Taking a cyclical journey from the very atoms of human existence and the awakening of life, through to our eventual re-folding back into the elements. The Unfolding features a 14-piece ensemble of acoustic and electronic instruments as well as human voice.


I’m a drummer and percussionist, and have been a member of Paraorchestra since 2019. Paraorchestra is like a family, every single moment feels like you’re respected, valued, and cared for – not just as a professional performer but making sure that you are supported with whatever you need. They help each person to be comfortable and happy so that they perform to their best.

My first project with Paraorchestra was working on the Love Unlimited Synth Orchestra at Glastonbury. It was pretty nerve-wracking but hugely exhilarating and I instantly felt at home with the Paraorchestra team. It’s a very proud moment that will always stand out amongst the highlights of my career.


It has been such a joy to work on this project alongside so many talented people, and to record at Real World Studios was incredible. I’m so proud of everyone involved in this performance and of Hannah Peel – number 1 on the classical charts!