Performing as a drummer and aerialist Jonny is an original member of the Human ensemble, created by Extraordinary Bodies – a collaboration between Diverse City and Cirque Bijou. This picture shows Jonny holding onto Tilly’s arm with one hand as she hangs from a trapeze by her legs. Jonny is holding his wheelchair with his other hand as it spins beneath him.

Human was featured in Total Magazine’s round up of inclusive, accessible theatre and circus!


Part circus, part serenade, part cinema, Human is about the small moments that shape us. On a stage set with a trapeze , circus rope and set of drums, four performers start to tell stories from their lives, from their childhoods, from the last 24 months. They talk about uncertainty, about times of big decisions and about getting through things together. The character of ’Circus’ interrupts them: Graziella has fallen on hard times. Her poetry weaves through, becoming part of the storytelling, and her bravery speaks to us all.

Human features live original music, soulful drumming, rope and trapeze performance. Dance and film footage (with integrated BSL interpretation and captioning) is drawn from the performers’ actual lives. The live and recorded sound are played through silent disco headphones, creating an intimate relationship between performers and audience.

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Jonny is a proud member of the Extraordinary Bodies company, having worked on What Am I Worth? and Human as a drummer, aerialist and sound designer. Jonny has also played at Glastonbury Festival with Paraorchestra as a percussionist for the Love Unlimited Synth Orchestra and has worked on several projects with Graeae Theatre Company as a drummer and composer. Jonny is proud to have also performed with Extraordinary Bodies in What Do You See In Me? and Terry Riley’s In C, a collaboration with Paraorchestra.

“Working with Extraordinary Bodies is always glorious. They explore movement in new and exciting ways and have given me access to a network of amazing creative talent that have helped me move forward in my career as a performer, aerialist, drummer and sound designer. My professional ambitions for the future are to work on bigger and more ground-breaking projects, to explore the world of access in creative and innovative ways, and continue to support and represent the disability movement in the arts industry.”


Working on this show has been an amazing experience. I have been given the opportunity to explore and create new, innovative work with excellent people. Working throughout the pandemic allowed me to find alternative resources and different technologies to explore my story, and to present it in a new and exciting way.