The Shouting Mute – Grow Up and Just Love Chocolate

Montage of scenes from the show 'Grow Up and Just Love Chocolate' at Salisbury Playhouse, showing four performers including The Shouting Mute in and out of his wheelchair
The cast of ‘Grow Up’ performing at Salisbury Playhouse for Fest West 2019, backed by a soundtrack designed & composed by Jonathan Leitch

Jonny is the Sound Designer, Composer, Musician & Sound Technician for the show ‘Grow up and Just Love Chocolate’, written and directed by The Shouting Mute.

Below you’ll find two docufilms of the journey of this show, one of the Research & Development phase, which took place at the Lighthouse, Poole and the other is a docufilm of the debut performance at Salisbury Playhouse during Fest West 2019…

My Role

The genre of this show was extremely important to me as I wanted it to be fun but avoid music for children. I decided to go more on the pop/punk root with inspiration from Paramore’s album “After Laughter” and synths that may be found in pop. This underlined with electric guitar and drums. We then twisted the whole show around at a turning point, with it getting a lot darker via more ambiences, drones and heavier guitar.