Cirque Bijou – Dancing on Wheels… And Legs!

Looped movement performed by Jonny and Tilly. Tilly is gripping the rope of the trapeze with her knees, high in the air, as it spins in a circle, while Jonny holds the bar of the trapeze in one hand and his wheelchair in the other, as he also moves in a circle hovering above the ground

Jonny is also a trapeze and performing artist, having learnt circus skills with Cirque Bijou. He often performs with Tilly, shown here in this short clip.

Jonny continues to work with Extraordinary Bodies, tours the UK, and performs in such shows as ‘What Am I Worth?’, and Terry Riley’s ‘In C’ – a collaboration of the Paraorchestra and Extraordinary Bodies.

My Role

We started this with no goals and just exploring what positions and techniques were possible. This was great as we could work out the boundaries of our duet and then apply context to it in the future.

Most of our creations were friendly and playful, which came from the work we created and just the atmosphere during exploration. A big dance track felt obvious with us using a song by EMEFE called ‘Do Your Dance. This lead to us wanting to push more of the elements of fun and silliness that comes across in a sibling relationship.