Inside Out Dorset Festival – Poetry & Sound Installation

Screengrab of Jonny being interviewed in the park setting of Inside Out Festival in Shelley Park. His name and title are on the screen to the right and it says Jonathan Leitch, Sound Designer
Screenshot from the docufilm of Prose In The Park from Inside Out Dorset Festival 2018

In collaboration with The Shouting Mute, Jonny designed and composed a soundscape installation as part of Inside Out Dorset Festival 2018 to accompany the poetic performance of the writer and director’s work in Shelley Park, Bournemouth.

Preparation began in the months leading up to the festival, with public workshops, and poetic responses. This culminated in  ‘Prose In The Park’, which was brought to life with a team of talented creatives for Inside Out Dorset Festival during the summer of 2018.

Below is the docufilm of the creative process and an insight into the sound and poetry installation they produced together…

My Role

This is one of my favourite sound design projects as instead of being limited by stereo speakers, I could explore 3D sound for the first time via speakers being placed around a forest that people walk through, that can uplift the environment.

The main fear was hearing sounds around you would most likely fall into the stereotype of scary and unsettling but we pushed against that via natural sounds, poetry from the community in the area and mixing and applying effects that can amplify the higher range and qualities of the natural sounds to create a more magical experience.

My favourite sound created was through two speakers that I placed 2m apart that contained children running past and giggling with an echo of glittery magic streaming behind them.